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Heading in to the Champagne region (Taken with Instagram at Route du Champagne autour la montagne de Reims)

Heading close to our night stop. It’s been a long day, good old Leo Cornett has done us proud once again #temptingfate (Taken with Instagram at Chez Papy & Mamie)

I’m at Peage  Courcy

I’m at Peage Courcy

After a week in Cannes our beloved Leo Cornett now runs on Rosé (Taken with Instagram at Salle Des Fetes De Recy)

Breakfast on the go. We didn’t know that purple was a flavour… (Taken with Instagram at Hôtel Ibis Dijon-Ville)

I’m at Station Total

I’m at Station Total

I’m at Auchan Le Pontet