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I’m at Battersea Bridge

Au reviour! (Taken with Instagram at Calais Ferry Terminal)

Goodbye France! #mixedemotions (Taken with Instagram at Calais Ferry Terminal)

The last day

It’s amazing how much something as simple as a humble ice cream van can have such as positive impact on your life. 

Being slightly naive and far to excided for our own good, we presumed this journey would be a stroll in the park, we were wrong. But no amount of phone or wallet robbery, shin cutter-up-ery (thanks Maria) or incompetent rip off merchants determined to make 2 days of Cannes a living hell can put a downer on what 2 young boys, a messy old gal named Maria and a big pink Transit have experienced.

Everything from the sheer joy of handing out our first Leo Cornett, to the Mission Impossible-esque planning that went into not getting involved with the Cannes ‘Mafia’ have made Leo Cornetts first voyage so enjoyable. The smiles, the tears, the sticky fingers and so much more have made this trip something that we, and hopefully a few of you will never forget. But this is not goodbye, there are still 200 miles of tarmac for us to ‘melt’ on. But for now, we’d like to leave you with a few more of our favorite memories.

Au revoir!

Maria and the boys x

I’m at L’entrepot

I’m at L’entrepot

Days work done for Leo Cornett. We’re by the sea, if she doesn’t start tomorrow, we could always swim #shattered (Taken with Instagram at L’entrepot)